Documentaries, Robotics, Retail, Surveillance, DNS TRR DoH, 2FA

  • Watched a documentary about advanced deception and camouflage technologies and six hours long documentary about latest robotics and AI research. + One hour documentary about AI and Singularity. I really love well made documents, which got lot of very recent and up to date information. - Bio inspired, Swarming, Human Friendly, Safe, Intelligent, Sensors, Prosthesis. Biologic Neural Network based on real neurons. Adaptable machines. Plantoids. Jumping, Walking, Flying Robots. Of course self-driving cars. Service Robots, Terminator War Robots. Affordable robots, companion robots, care service robots. Explorer robots, scout robots, power suits. Exoskeletons. Space robots, Bomb robots. Body capability extenders. (Ha ha, that sounds like unit extension spam. No it doesn't mean it.) Telerobotics. Freedoms of movement. Interesting reverse testing concept, units on earth are being controlled from space. Because equipment transfer costs are so high. Top robotic research. Force feedback. Latency creates nice traps, when remote operating in "near real time". Robotics Innovation, Lunar and Mars exploration. iSTRUCT robot. European Robotics research. Radioactive radiation endurance and huge operation temperature ranges. MARS simulation staging environments on earth. Very limited mass and power. Walking wheeled robots. Hybrid locomotion methods. Robotic Avatars. Search and Rescue (SAR) robots. Advanced sensors, 3D mapping environment. High resolution automated leg positioning based on terrain. Nice, that starts to be sound much better than justs randomly trying to make it through. Even dogs do that. Hexapod movement. Industrial Robotics Institute. OTO Melara military robots. Fire fighting robots. Armed perimeter protection robots. Reconnaissance robots. Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV). Autonomous operation and optional remote control (telerobotics). Remote Piloted Vehicle (RPV). Dogging drones. Flying insect robots. Search and Destroy, Assault Drones and Robots. Self-Driving Cars, yes, those are actually robots, with humanoid transport capability. Dirty Work robots, whatever that means. Brainwave analysis. Mental hands free control. Brain connection interface. Robotic Prosthesis. Robotic artificial organs, like robotic heart. Entertainment Robots. Performing stage and theater robots. Should robots have rights? Collective Super Intelligence. Self assembling modular robots. German giant dragon robot. RoboCoaster, random robotics based virtual roller coaster. - Final comments after watching: Very good documentary series, lot of new information.
  • Retail Surveillance and Data Collection - Now it's there publicly for everyone to read. POS business has turned into dragnet surveillance. Yep, nothing new. This is also one of the major questions with electronic receipt systems. Some of the companies working in the sector are clearly simply targeting being closed data warehouses where everyone's data is locked in and you can access it by paying. This is same trap for businesses and consumers. The raw source data isn't being out. Only paid analytics based on it.
  • Lot of discussion in Finland about new surveillance / intelligence gathering law, if it's against constitution etc. Is there exceptional urgency for it? What about privacy? Yet as we well know, many countries have made their decisions about this, basically dismissing online privacy.
  • Trusted Recursive Resolver (TRR) and DNS over HTTPS (DoH) .
  • Watched once again one instance where two factor has been made utterly useless. There's a RFID token being used. To make it more secure, you'll need to give PIN with it. Guess what, of course the PIN code is written on the RFID tag. This is how great security usually is. Anyone who finds the token also gets the PIN for the token at the same time, guaranteed. - But as we all know, this is naturally nothing new. It's more like business as usual. - Rumors tell that many of the door pin-pads got the code written in Arabic numbers. So when ever you order takeaway Pizza or whatever you don't need to give the PIN code, because it already reads on the door when delivery arrives.