DNSSEC, Helpdesk, Telegram, KeepassXC, Laser Links, Fixing Twice, GnuPG, Faception, Syncthing

Post date: Sep 2, 2018 6:03:01 AM

  • Namecheap told me finally to turn DNSSEC off and on again. That's neat. That's exactly the issue resolution I wanted to hear. What about WHY i need to do that? What did they do wrong? This is just as lame, as the web sites telling you to clear your browser cache or cookies. It doesn't mean you did something wrong. It just means that their Then IT stuff is utterly incompetent and doesn't give a bleep about their customers. Let's see if Namecheap can improve their answer. They told that theri support is working for permanent fix. Which probably means that they did seriously screw up something, but don't want to tell what. Also these answers give impression that this issue was affecting multiple customers. (who knows how many) And they're now actually fixing it. But why it's getting fixed when I reported it? It should have been fixed before I needed to report it. Because I was bit unsure about the problem. And therefore I didn't immediately raise alarm. I was like, somethings failing. Maybe they're under DDoS and they'll get the issue fixed promptly. But that didn't happen. Issue persisted many days and even then the fix was something ridiculous, as mentioned in the previous email. Which actually kind of tells me that it wasn't fix at all, it was lame work-a-round. Which naturally isn't a real fix.
  • Classic helpdesk operation. First they try to b*t customer. And then they fix it covertly and give some kind of stupid reasoning to cover it up. Sounds like pretty normal and classic strategy to approach issues.
  • Friends are moving all over the world. It's interesting to notice that Global Cloud Services often fail when you move. Failing services include iTunes, Netflix, Spotify, Pandora. Among many others.
  • Amazon's patent to prevent in-store comparison while shopping is ridiculous. Nobody uses stores own Wi-Fi to make comparisons. And therefore it really doesn't change a thing.
  • Telegram adding support for SOCKS5 proxy tunneling protocol to work around of potential blocking by Russian government. Interesting.
  • KeepassXC. Once again typical open source situation. There are different features in KeePass, KeepassX and KeepassXC. Which all got some cool features and lack some others. How about making one version with all the cool features? Hmm. Also the KeePass password generator is much better than the password generators in KeepassX and KeepassXC.
  • Talked with a friend whom installed some laser network links with nice features. Active Beam Steering (ABS), Advanced Wavelength Diversity (AWD), Point Acquire and Track (PAT). As well as multi gigabit data rates over tens of kilometers. Nice thing is that the links provide fiber like performance and reliability on elevated locations, without the fiber. I guess you already knew we were talking about IntelliMax products from Aoptics.
  • Picked this up from one blog and it's perfectly said: "Fix It Twice: Once to fix the issue for the customer, and another time in the code, documentation or UI to make sure that I don't ever see another support request for it.". - Which unfortunately rarely happens.
  • After latest update the GnuPG (GPG2) and Thunderbird & Enigmail, now also the ECC keys seem to be working perfectly and transparently. Finally, phew!
  • Faception. Faception is a facial personality profiling technology company. That's quite interesting. I have to research that a lot more. Yet it might sound like a snake oil, need to read more statistics & facts.
  • One friend uses old VDSL2 tech, reminded my self about benefits of VDSL2 Vectoring (G.vector).
  • Checked out and tested Syncthing. Nice. Yet I don't have use for this kind of application right now. Not in in home or at work.