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  • Endless interesting discussions. Is project goal to produce something that we can say it's done. Or is the goal to actually produce something that practically works. It seems that many engineers, seem to think that producing something, which remotely resembles something what's required is good enough. Also I'm usually very keen on detail. But some organizations prefer to ignore all possible requirements and details as long as possible. I personally believe, that the only right way is building something that actually works. It's just like the testing. Is the goal of testing to pass the tests or to ensure that system works correctly and reliably. I'm personally frustrated by these attitudes that goal is to just make 'something'. If they think it's not good enough, then they'll complain. When every layer of project stack does that. You can just imagine what kind of end result will be. And endless horrible production issues are guaranteed. But anyone claiming that to be surprise ... Yeah, you already know what I think about that too. If you actively refuse to see what's coming, claiming to be surprised is just ridiculous.
  • New email delivery systems are now in production and that' awesome. Still quite bunch of services to migrate / move to new platform(s). But it's just work, and plenty of it.
  • Lot's of moar fun configuring IIS systems.
  • Short comments about a few interesting leaked projects: OutlawCountry, Brutal Kangaroo, Cherry Blossom, Athena, AfterMidnight and Assassin, Archimedes, Scribbles, Weeping Angel and Year Zero. That's quite a pack for exploits. And we all know that's not all. So it's guaranteed that powerful actors are very well equipped in this cyber espionage sector too. Ref: Vault 7, Dumbo, Physical Access Group (PAG), Field Guide.
  • Watched more documents about robotics, AI and automation. It's way cool how best modern robots can utilize predictive and proactive action, instead of only reactive action. It's not enough to quickly react to what has already happened. It's better to estimate what's going to happen, and try to adapt before the thing even happens. Some of the tasks are impossible, without the predictive planning. Because reactive action only wouldn't make it impossible to perform the complex tasks. Of course this means that robot has to learn from past, therefore AI is the key. As example ABS - and Airbag are reactive technology. Collision avoidance system (CAS) , autonomous emergency braking (AEB). Auto braking before collision is still pretty much reactive. But it could be much better. We're slowly getting there. True level 5 car has to have great predictive and proactive approach, because reactive simply isn't nearly enough. Safe and efficient operation requires projecting probable future events.
  • Just wondering when super human AI, Strong AI, will have predictive and proactive capabilities which far surpasses human capabilities. I've often written how people are surprised things, which shouldn't be surprises but should be rather obvious. Just as something can come as surprise to kids or pets, and many humans. Maybe your cellphone or whatever super AI access device just tells you. Stop now, It's not recommended to do that, it's really not a good idea. We've seen this happening before and it's quite likely that ... At least try to avoid following hazards.
  • Another thing which advanced AI will bring, is something like telling if it's a hedgehog, fox, or cat in a cardboard box. Those all will react and move differently. Or if it's just empty cardboard box being moved by wind.
  • Turnspit dogs - are gone for good. Soon robots can take over hunting, sheep and guard dogs too.
  • Lindy Effect - future life expectancy for non-perishable goods.
  • Planning fallacy - We all know that it could take 15 minutes. And ends up taking well, bit more than that.
  • Studied basics on metal injection molding (MIM) - Yet it's nothing, new. Combining it with 3D printing will probably lead to awesome results.
  • Something different? Missiles: Kornet, Javelin.