Data Integrity, 3D libraries, LetsEncrypt, Payments, Duplicati, Telia

Post date: Jun 17, 2018 6:02:46 AM

  • Data integrity, that's a topic which could go on and on. I've seen so many cases where something is insisted to be used in production and even years after launch, they're unsure if the data is even nearly correct, or if it's absolutely wrong. It's something brown in and something brown out. Yep, it's awesome to have real-time dashboards and advanced analytics and all that. But nobody seems to care if the information shown is right one at all? Yep, that's funny. And I'm pretty sure, I'm not only one who has been observing this kind of projects. Actually it only gets funnier, when at some point someone who's accepted that for production finally realizes that any of the data doesn't make any sense and it's seriously misleading. Honestly, I would like just laugh at that point, but it's also so sad. Well, what did you expect? Why nobody cared about those important things, when it was time to take care of those aspects and verify data integrity and correct values with all kind of use cases.
  • 3D printed multiple pieces of different useful everyday items, which got actually utility value. So many 3D library sites are full of useless stuff.
  • I've been been planning the move of some sites to use LetsEncrypt. I've done all the experiments required so far using IIS, Apache, Nginx and uWSGI, Python 3 SimpleHTTP with SSL wrapper. So whenever I feel like it, it's trivial to transfer the sites to (valid) HTTPS certificate time. Currently all the sites are providing HTTPS, but with expired certificate. Which of course doesn't matter for certain use cases, where server is authenticated using public key fingerprint. But for some people it seems hard to grasp, that the hash of public key is good enough, there's no need for anyone other than me or us to say it's valid.
  • Finally in Finland there's nice real-time mobile payment method, which works well. And without credit cards. As I've written several times, I don't really get the Credit Card fetish, because in most of cases that adds running extra costs. Unless you've been very carefully selecting a provider without extra fees. There are a few provides which give you free credit card without any running extra fees. Yet you have to change provider at times, because usually those are campaigns which only last a few years or so.
  • Tainted leaks - Always mix correct and disinformation so nobody knows what's true. That's the way to push agenda. it's harder to find and dismiss the disinformation from document, which actually contains 80% of totally correct information.
  • Again faulty Duplicati 2 backup update. Default compression module is zip, and then the application claims that invalid compression module has been defined. Awesome! On top of that, downgrade installation ends up in state, where the primary binary files required are missing. My guess is that the developer is going to release a patch for that pretty quickly. Sigh! "Fatal error => Unsupported compression module: zip" Windows version: Anyway uninstall, reboot and reinstall fixed the issue on all platforms. Strange, why update fails, nobody seems to know.
  • Telia and Sonera merger. I terminated one random corporate service via their own on-line service form, which is designed exactly for this purpose. It wasn't any random feedback form. When I called two weeks later to confirm that, they didn't have any clue about that. Well, I'm IT guy and I've been seeing some $hit software and crappy organizations. So I naturally had all the screenshots for them. But well, this is just as usual. Nothing works, and everything fails. Always use at least three methods and get always confirmation that things are as agreed. Sometimes it feels so stupid to verify something repeatedly, but way too often it has turned out to be actually a very good idea. They changed the termination terms too. This is so typical, first they provide conflicting disinformation and then they leverage the disinformation they've provided against customer. My honest opinion is that, it's an total a$s move. Yet I personally see that as kind of a good thing, because it allows all the utterly useless and incompetent staff to be replaced by automation in future. I've said this earlier, only thing that totally doesn't suck with Telia is their IP network. It's nice. But everything else, especially customer service, is absolutely horrible. Every time, repeatedly, over the years. The same thing just happens. Was it business or personal service, doesn't make any difference.