Dash, IPv6 email, Cloud, Server outage, e-Receipt, Loyalty system, Loon, Drones, etc

Post date: Apr 11, 2014 5:19:12 PM

  • Amazon Dash - Quite a interesting solution. But one thing hit me first and hard. Why, oh why, a separate device? Why not a smart phone app? Because that hardware device doesn't bring any additional value, except a bit better barcode reader. With app, all family members could have it installed with shared account etc.
  • IPv6 Email - At first, it would be easy to say, that nothing is different. But as usual, topic is deep. But it's not the email itself, it's actually the abuse prevention which is complex.
  • For people who claim that cloud is bad solution. I just want to ask one question. Which is that do their companies have own water and electricity plants? And if not, why? Do they really trust public utilities? Can they feed their workforce, if when public power, food and water supplies fail? Should they? Well, of course military got their own solutions for these issues too. But most of businesses, even larger ones do not. So what's the fuss about having own data centers if you can't power those or keep your workforce alive.
  • Enjoyed one major server outage due to networking issues. It was interesting to follow how things escalated. Luckily nobody dies, if these systems fail a bit. This is also exactly the reason, why I do run secondary monitoring system in different data center, than where the primary systems are. This outage was so serious that it took the servers, and monitoring system down. Only the secondary monitoring system was able to alert me the primary system wasn't working. Primary system of course noticed that connectivity is lost, but it couldn't send out any alerts due to connectivity loss.
  • Studied e-receipt and bonus/loyalty system solutions. Why some of those have been successful and why most have failed. What are the key ingredients for success? What it takes to be a successful in this sector. Currently there aren't any widely used solutions. I'm still wondering why this stuff is taking of so slowly. It's clear that this has been coming for several years, but yet, even many major chains haven't adopted it, even if they already have everything it really needs to be reality. They do have all receipts, they have loyalty card information, they have customer information and most importantly their contact information, web service portals and everything. They also do have receipt line level data for additional analysis, so allowing customers to access their own data shouldn't be that hard after all.
  • Checked out Project Loon & Facebook Drones, it's hard to say which one is better. But generally I would vote for Facebooks drones, because I assume those are way easier to control and build with correct with durable electric engines and batteries, stuff shouldn't require much more service than the balloons.
  • Read: MariaDB 10. Pyston (JIT Python), HFT guide, Nice post about REST, Upselling, Cross-selling,