cURL, VLC, GSites, Duplicati, exFAT

  • Web integration engineers. Phew. I got report from one engineer, that the API is good, but it performs very poorly. I did run all kind of tests and found no problems whatsoever. What do you guys mean, in detail, they said, that it's so slow because there are so many calls to cURL. - Sigh - Oh yeah, because I gave them API usage sample using cURL example, those ... bleeping engineers ... decided to include cURL in their project, and then they executed the example code with a few slight request url modifications every time they needed to call the API and parsed the output. And this was causing poor performance when there were lots of API calls to make. - Hmph... But as I've said, I've done similar solutions, when I know it's not a problem. It's sucky, but uses existing well known technologies and reduces my workload. But at some point, it's better to get rid of those things, especially if you'll need performance for some specific reason. - But oh boy, I didn't if I should laugh or not when I figured out what the problem is.
  • Basic integration stuff, client claims there's a bug. I check specification and software. It works exactly as designed. Let's see if they want to change the logic. But it's not a bug in that case.
  • Haven't been writing extensive bash (shell / Linux) scripts lately, but had that pleasure during Christmas vacation. Same stuff as always, just bit different syntax. Exception handling, error output, etc processing took a while to get it all right. At least it isn't nearly as painful as PowerShell.
  • Once again integration that "malfunctions" because some random party has made unannounced changes, which haven't ever been agreed about. It's kind of funny, that these things pop-up after an year at some times. Well, it's always nice to spent Christmas and new year at office making all kind of reports and investigations and updating code. When people finally wake up and realize that the numbers they were getting aren't "right". Whatever that means, because usually nobody can define what right outcome is after all.
  • VLC - More buggy software. It seems that the VLC progress bar on controls doesn't work, in case the VLC is playing in full screen mode. If I'll swap to windowed mode, then progress bar and controls do work normally. World is just so full of buggy software.
  • Google Sites and Engineering, I'm just wondering why they're not able to deliver ETags / last-modified information in response header. As well as they prefer no-cache, no-store and set expiration way back to year 1900. Interesting choices. Also new sites doesn't date posts by default. I went through quite many posts and added original publishing dates. I'm thinking that I should probably run again my own site and email, because hosted options just are so bad from many aspects.
  • Duplicati - Once again corrupted it's internal state, but this time after several updates and complaints, repair worked and I didn't need to reset terabytes of backups, which is way annoying and wastes lot of resources. Duplicati is great, and getting better day by day.
  • Had a meeting with old friends. They still remembered that I did totally beat them in the Omega tank programming game from Origin Systems. My tanks were networked, when I found the enemy I called for reinforcements for simultaneous attack giving me a huge advantage in most of scenarios.
  • Donated money to Archive, Tor Project, GnuPG , Duplicati - Thank you for making fundamental work.
  • Sometimes on Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS 64bit, unmounting exFAT partition just hangs, no obvious reason. It's clear hang, there's no disk activity, and no pending operations and file system was synced before unmounting it. This might explain why I've had sometimes shutdown issues with the system, where shutdown just simply hangs. Now I noticed that giving simple umount / device is enough to hang the system.
  • Something different: FC-31 , H-20