C-Lion1, 5 GHz WLAN (WiFi), TV, Software Robotics, Integration, Process Automation, Fail

Post date: Jun 5, 2016 9:52:57 AM

  • Alcatel Lucent demonstrated 144 Tbit/s on C-Lion1 . That's neat. I'm actually waiting for the cable to be actually accessible by operators and seeing what kind of reduction in latencies to Central Europe we're going to see.
  • Just configured new 5 GHz networking gear. Actual throughput seems to be 160 Mbit/s (300 Mbit/s theoretical). Seems to be working pretty well. Actually I guess that's more than enough for a mobile phone. Because I don't really use laptops. I believe in true 'battle station' setup with multiple large screens and perfect hacking chair. Instead of doing stuff in bad position on sofa with lousy slow and small screened laptop. I do have laptops, but I mostly use those as 'type writes' when there's a requirement to write a lot of text when not at the battle station. Like a customer visit or something.
  • I also terminated my TV contract permanently. I don't really know what's the point of all those stupid channel packages, network streaming or replay everything for past two weeks. Technically that's great. But none of the TV service providers provide time. So, actually if they want that I'm going to experiment with their crappy and buggy software, they should pay me. I'm not going to paying for such or waste my time for it. So, want me to watch discovery channel? That's great. I'm willing to watch it when you pay me 150 € / hour. - Thank you.
  • Software robotics? Using machine vision to interpret user interfaces and robots to operate computers via mouse & keyboard? As integration specialist I find that pretty bad approach. I wouldn't waste resources on such, instead I would focus on the fact that all software are required to have proper integration interfaces so there's no need for software robotics. Instead I would use integrations and automated business logic & checks to do all that job. I'll bet it can be done 1000 more efficiently and faster using this method than the software robotics approach. It sounds like April fools joke, it's that stupid. I can see that this could be the way to do it for some really old legacy systems. But building new software with bad integration capability doesn't make any sense at all. So if you're now planning to buy a new information system, make sure it provides required integration capabilities and interfaces so external logic, analytics, processing and actions can be easily used with it. Without something silly like software robotics. - Afaik traditional system integration and process & business automation is just the right way.
  • One long Finnish article about this topic mentioned that 'need for software robotics comes from inadequate system integration'. Finally somebody mentioned the magic words of wisdom I can agree about. - Btw. I've been often doing several light ad-hoc integrations, just get the stuff done. You don't always need a mammoth project for system integration. Some integrations can be done in hours or a few days when everything required for the integration like perfect RESTful api or WSDL components are available. Like the IFTTT service does.
  • Well, this is something I'll be following in the future. If there's a really great ready framework and platform for getting the required things done. It could be useful in some cases. Just like reporting anything with Tableau, if you got the data, you'll soon also got great visualizations of it and you'll can drill in or change the rules very quickly.
  • It's kind of using robotics hands to make pizza, instead of using more stream lined manufacturing processes. Of course it would be nice, if you can see how the robotic cook manufacturers your individual pizza or chocolate bar or coffee drink. But that's something which comes at highly premium price compared to doing it more efficiently. - Hint you can check out robotic cook videos from YouTube. Also reminds me from the stupidity where digital display adapter uses D/A converter and then there's VGA cable and A/D converter at the end of digital display. Yes, sure, smart move.
  • Yet I agree that there are many places where adequate system and process automation isn't being used. Is there anyone out there who's still doing the age old paper version of travel expenses. Do you ever check something from program A and enter the data to B? In the old days it was even more ridiculous, you checked data from A system, wrote it down to B. Maybe then entered to system C, printed that out, and faxed it to someone and then they re-entered the data. Yeah. That's just bleeping crazy. It's almost guaranteed that this kind of manual 'broken telephone chain' leads to data quality degradation.
  • Lulz. One site doesn't accept birthday 01.01.1970. Why? Because 1.1.1970 is 0. But this isn't anything new to most of us. It's just embarrassing that there are actually sites affected by fails like this.