Business ideas & side projects?

Post date: Dec 7, 2013 6:00:13 AM

Well, I have been considering lot of options for a side project or business idea. I'm dealing with many businesses on weekly basis and I'm technology and customer need oriented. That's quite a good mix as far as I can tell anyone. Because I happen to live in Finland, which is usually late in all global trends. It makes me think that maybe I should provide something in Finnish business environment which is already been confirmed to be a working business model in other countries. But it needs to be something, which can't be trivially provided globally by one service provider due to local regulations or some other less strict restrictions like local business knowledge or even language barrier might be a good enough reason.

Or maybe I just should go really lean, and just write about my ideas and see if anyone thinks any of those is any good. I'm not afraid of anyone stealing the ideas, because most of ideas are quite straight forward. The proper execution, marking and contacts is really needed, to make those things work.

Actually while writing this, I just figured out that there might be one concept that could be great for SMB, which do not have own staff to take care of it. It's related to virtualization & cloud, but it's very specific case. Which might be needed due to mobile devices and legacy software used by businesses. As far as I know, any proper IT department can handle the thing by them selves, but I'm sure there are many customers which would need the service, but they don't have knowledge to take care it by them selves. Like providing accessibility to Windows applications for mobile / thin client users using Azure Remote Desktops / Web Access. But on the other hand, providing service to cope with legacy software isn't optimal idea. I would prefer something that's starting to trend and hasn't been dying for years.

Maybe I'll simply try to find out something that's required, useful yet technically quite simple and hasn't been yet provided as nice HTML5 web / mobile application.

If you have a perfect idea what world would need, just let me know!