Broken Telephone, RPA, BPM, IP DHCP, UI Path

Post date: Jun 11, 2016 4:56:15 AM

  • Of course these communication issues are common issues from business to business, nothing new here. Just wondering my-self how somethings at least every now and then get so messed up.
  • I wonder some customers which want to use totally excessive time to discuss about problems. Don't they realize that time spent discussing trivial problems is actually off from actually getting the problems fixed?
  • Customer communication and Broken Telephone Game. Developers and customer support spend a lot of time wondering what that customer request actually means. How about making it sure and not messing up things. How about contacting the customer and getting exact and correct information in detail. It's just ridiculous then they do something based on assumption what it means and result is complete failure. Oh, you did mean that. Well... Well well...
  • First you put devices with static IP on DHCP pool address range, and don't reserve that address. And then wonder when there are problems when some other device gets that IP from DHCP Server using DHCP Client and there's IP address collision and things fall a part. - What's there to wonder? Isn't it exactly what you ordered, when you configured the system like that? - Yeah, this is very common, even in businesses. Unfortunately.
  • Attended one day's lecture about Robotic process Automation (RPA) . Actually the lecture didn't provide any additional information which I wouldn't have pre-known. Now I'll need to scout a few RPA providers and check their product demos to get deeper understanding. All the high level stuff sounds just so, ehh, high level marketing stuff. It's so cool, so awesome, so easy, and... A fail, maybe? If your daily jobs consists mostly from copy pasting stuff from app A to app B, then you're out pretty soon. Process Automation Technology, Software Robots, Artificial Intelligence (AI).
  • Avelacom to use Cinia's C-Lion1 cable, not unexpected.
  • Business Process Management (BPM) - I haven't used software specifically designed for that. Because it's surprising how far you can get in small business with excel and Powerpoint. But at some point it might be necessary to use Business Process Management System (BPMS). Business Process Planning and Testing is something I've been involved with many cases. For our organization as well as for our clients. Because it's directly related to software design, UI's, user experience and how the software should work and what kind of data it should provide / acquire in the very first place. I've used a few times Microsoft Visio, but due to lack of skill, I prefer to use alternate tools which are more familiar to me and still get the job done well enough.
  • I do like the RPA in a sense, that usually I'm the one who's annoyed about doing 'routine tasks'. It's not just worth of all that time and effort, because it can be automated. On the other hand, it reminded me just so much from good old scripting. So something new? Hardly... I guess terminal scripting has been used for duh, decades of course! I used to have automated login scripts and batches to get jobs done in 80s. So hardly anything new? People also scripted their MUD bots to play for them, ehh. Some bots were quite sophisticated. Automatic flee bots when hit points go too low. Login, download all messages, upload replies, etc. Some BBS systems which got limited number of lines, but large user base sometimes limited the on-line time to something like 5 minutes. Also getting on-line might have taken hours, so it was totally sane to script everything, so that my system calls 3:15 am and gets the job done. So there's no queue, and everything is ready waiting for me when I wake up. And so on. Hey, we get new name for this old stuff and hype it to the max? - Tried UI Path's trial.
  • RPA related TEDx Talk.