Bad security,, C-Lion1, IoT, Mobile Payments, Random Numbers

Post date: Feb 14, 2016 3:48:52 PM

  • Found dizzyingly bad security issues from a few software products. OMFG, this is bad. Actually this is just one of the reasons why multilayer security should be preferred. Because each layer is full of holes. When you have multiple players on top of each other, it's possible that most of the holes are plugged, hopefully.
  • Mozilla identity service is getting terminated. It's nice that these services come and go. It's bad for other services which might trust these services to provide user identity / logins.
  • Now the Cinia C-Lion1 cable is ready? Yet this information isn't from Cinia directly but via proxy news sites. Official Cinia Logbook (Finnish) doesn't acknowledge this progress. Anyway, with it's capacity 120TB/s it's going to be pretty fast. Internet is for ... moar ...
  • Internet of Targets hits again, business as usual. Ring doorbell leak WiFi password. There's another news article where remote controlled thermal pumps are running a botnet and so on. I wonder what Internet of Things device couldn't be hacked and wouldn't negatively affect your privacy.
  • More mobile payments accepted at Finnish R-Kiosks. As example: Smartum Saldo Mobile payment (Finnish).
  • Lot more talk about Mobile Payments, Electronic Mobile Receipts, Mobile Marketing, Mobile Customer Loyalty, Multichannel marketing, Multi-channel retail & customer service integration and so on. Totally and perfectly automated targeted marketing where every message is customized to each customer and so on. And I did not now mean that your name is on it, that's a joke. All the basic stuff. It seems that there's no service provider in Finland which can deliver all this. Or they can, but it's going to pay a lot. What if you're running small business, would need such a solution but don't want to invest in army of consultant, integration and process management experts? All that perfectly integrated with bookkeeping and so on. A complete ERP & CRM & BI package. Major retailers of course (hopefully) got all this, but don't ask how much they've spent on it. What about my data? What if I want to have my own receipt storage where I'll store all of my purchase receipts from different vendors, should be trivial. Have you asked the chain which loyalty card you got, if they got API for you? No they don't? What? Why I can't get my own receipts?
  • Listened very long talk about random number generation. It's so classic problem. True Random Number Generator (TRNG), Hardware Random Number Generator (HWRNG), Pseudorandom Number Generator (PRNG).