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  • AVX-512 instructions - Some CPU instructions can trigger down clocking on CPU, which also slows down the hyper-threading sibling.
  • After reading that article, immediate question come to my mind, which I've been thinking about earlier. What's the difference between Python Decimal and Float performance. As expected, it's a quite radical difference. Floats are just a lot, I mean more than one order of magnitude faster. In this case, the old trick where decimal values are handled as integers multiplied with some factor, seems to be a good option. It's old school technique but works even today. Instead of using float (inaccurate) or using Decimal, you'll be using int which is multiplied by 10000 as example if you need 4 decimals. That's the way I often store Decimal values in SQLite3 databases, which do not directly support Decimal. Another way would be using transformation by registering SQLite adapter, which basically stores the decimal value as string in the database, making ordering and smaller or larger comparisons impossible. Of course the adapter can also store integer instead of string if and when required.
  • Watched five more Artificial Intelligence (AI) documentaries. Yet none of those documentaries provided actually any new information.
  • Interesting article about new upcoming EU legalization and how it would affect Internet censorship and startups. Even if the intentions are good, it's truly huge burden for user content hosting providers.
  • First-Party isolation (FPI) in Firefox - This is exactly what I've been asking for, but sure, there are serious drawbacks related to this approach. It's also a good question, why sites are so littered with 3rd party stuff.
  • Is the lean startup dead? - Interesting question. Mentioned: Agile development, Minimum Viable Product (MVP), incremental and iterative prototypes, pivot, burn rate, angel investors, venture capital (VC), Initial Public Offering (IPO), Dot-Com bubble, unicorn territory valuation, first mover advantage, massive capital infusion owns the entire market, disrupting an entire industry, research and development (RD) money and the innovation pipeline.
  • Configured rclone for a few new remote mirrors, just to be sure. This is yet another totally awesome open source project. With amazing support for different native and cloud platforms and protocols. Tried it against Amazon S3, Microsoft OneDrive, BackBlaze B2 and OVH Object Storage (Swift), which all worked perfectly. Except OneDrive was really prone to throttling requests, which was quite annoying. It was also really slow compared to OVH Object Storage. From these options OVH's object storage was cheapest and it's also pretty fast. For the tests I located the test objects in their Frankfurt DC (Limburg).
  • Broken and bad software, first time ever? Haha. Just noticed that in dual SIM mode on the phone fails. I've named both SIM's with nicknames. But the phones own SMS Message application only uses the specified name for SIM2, it's still using the operators name for SIM1. Fail, so typical, bad software and incompetent engineers and programmers are just about everywhere out there. exFAT still sometimes hanging on dismount and losing disk space to lost clusters via free space bitmap being invalid.
  • Helped a friend to setup Proxmox and VMware on his study & testing environment.
  • Hetzner Cloud is really nice, you can launch new servers in under a minute and everything's up'n'runnning really quickly. Just like with UpCloud.
  • Remote Desktop issues with Windows Server 2016, Windows 10 and UDP. True root cause is still totally unknown. - Update, seems to be related to multiple network interfaces, network invalid configuration, and bad client / server code not falling back correctly to working options.
  • Aadhaar UIDAI compromised? - Future will tell how this actually turned out to be. But those are exactly the services, which you would assume to be well maintained and pretty secure.