Aqua, Herd, It Ready, Local Database, Cisco AnyConnect, PSD2, Lftp, Duplicity

Post date: Oct 8, 2016 8:30:34 AM

  • Quickly reminded my self about Aqua/Herd, Vuvuzela / Alpenhorn, Dissent, Riffle and Riposte anonymizing networks.
  • "We're so disappointed it's not ready". - I'll gladly let you be. If you can't specify what "it" is, then you can wait for it to be ready forever. - Enjoy. I've been doing this stuff so long, I can be honest about these simple things. Once again, they'll throw some random xsd schema file, and expect that to be enough for integration. No, that's not nearly enough. XSD isn't some kind of "magic file" which makes everything work. There are just so many related things that need to be resolved. But as the case usually is, they're so clueless they think the XSD is the ultimate truth. - Fail. It's like saying, we need that JPEG for the project lauch. Ok, what the JPEG should be enough? We can't answer about that, we've sent you the JPEG specification. - Then the question is just do I deliver some random JPEG for them, or do I just simply tell that I won't do you any JPEG for that because you haven't specified what the JPEG is about. Anyway, which ever option I choose, they're going to be unhappy. - But we though that you would deliver us "the JPEG" for the launch, discussion starts. Phew.
  • How to steal any developer's local database - Basic stuff, nothing new. Once again things which work just as designed are seen as a problem. It's a problem if you've configured it to be a problem.
  • So many wonderful problems with Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client. I just can't stop hating people who require using VPN. These things just add so much cost and overhead to processes.
  • It's always as funny as people pop up things to be 'fixed' after several years. I've used my car three years now. The color of the car isn't the one I would like it to be now, also the seat material should be changed and hook added for trailer. All this naturally free under the warranty, because the contract says I'll need a car. Sigh. - When they start discussion like that, it's likely it's not going to go well.
  • In one payment project quickly viewed the PSD2 requirements and related FAQ.
  • Never give up. God damn duplicity and lftp + ftpes just kept sucking. Unfortunately duplicity overrides some settings set in .lftp/rc - But as said, I won't give up easily. I patched the duplicity to work correctly, and now it's working beautifully with my on CA. Just fixed some code in '' which was the source of all the trouble I've been experiencing. Some of my friends already said that it'll work, you'll just need to drop encryption. But no, that's not something I'm willing to do. I want to keep my data and transport encrypted, so I patched the malfunctioning program code and got it working. Are you getting annoying TLS / SSL errors with duplicity or lftp? Like: "This server does not allow plain FTP. You have to use FTP over TLS." - Just go and fix it. And you're done! Yes, I'm happy when I get things solved and working. But on the other hand, it's darn annoying that basic stuff isn't working without need to hardcore fixing and tuning. In a way that's extremely frustrating. I think that about one month passed, before I got upset enough to focus enough energy into this problem to finally make it or break it. If programs wont work, you can always make a workaround or change the code or add other modules to emulate something to get stuff to work. Btw. I also learned about transport like fish which I haven't every used. If you want to know how something works, abandon the documentation and read the source. It's the best documentation you possibly can have. Most of normal documentation doesn't almost ever properly cover ALL options, nor edge cases, nor priorities in case of conflicting configuration and exception handling in detail and so on. But that's all in the source. I've seen it happening over and over again. 99% of people, administrators and developers just say oh darn, encryption isn't working, it's a problem. Let's just drop it. Ahh, now everything is working. Done.