Announcing my personal blog

Post date: Sep 6, 2011 3:56:26 PM

I did consider having a blog for a long time. But then I came to conclusion that it can't be bad idea.

I write thoughtful posts with insight to many forums. But for outsiders it's hard to find those posts. Therefore I created this blog. When I post something which I think would be valuable in general, I either copy the post here or at least post a link.

Some topics that I have written lately:

  • ZyWALL 35 issues:
    • - IPsec implementation is broken.
    • - DNS cache breaks round robin.
  • 7-Zip returns OK exit code, even if encrypted archive is being tested using invalid password.
  • SoMe sites like G+, FB provide real threat to privacy, even if you don't directly post information.
    • Using RetroShare as more secure alternative.
  • Banks force users to use weaker password. I would prefer 20 character fully random password including some Unicode characters.

Other stuff I have done:

  • I have also spent lately quite much time testing Google App Engine.
  • Studying manager skills and reading tons of blogs and a few books about SaaS startups.
  • Reading plenty of tech & startup stuff from Hacker News.

If you have any thoughts, feel free to contact. You'll find my current email from home page.