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Post date: Jul 11, 2015 8:58:41 AM

  • Added AAAA records for many servers. So far everything has been IPv6 enabled and working, but yet not published in DNS. Only used for pilots and testing. But now, it's fully laid out.
  • DHCPv6 Client Link-Layer Address Option - Checked out RFC6939 which explains why many DHCPv6 servers can't identify the client as DHCPv4 servers do. Also read RFC4361 - Node-specific Client Identifiers for Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol Version Four (DHCPv4). As well as checked out IPv6 ULA Unique Local Address
  • Finished a books about Agile software development and Agile Scrum.
  • Also checked out a few related articles: Agile Is Dead (Long Live Agility), AGILE must be destroyed, once and for all, Top 12 Things Every Software Engineer Should Know, Mob Programming, #NoEstimates, Empirical Project (Process) management & control model,,
  • Basic stuff like Return on Investment (RoI), Time to Market (TTM), Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), deadline, feature set, quality, cost, prioritization, Agile management team, Growing software, organic growth based on real needs and situation instead of fixed waterfall, Story Points, Agile Contracts, Proof of Concept (POC), public sector projects and laws, sub contracting, out sourcing, scrummaster.
  • It's so familiar situation that customers asks what IT costs even if they don't have any clue what IT is. So annoying, yet they're afraid that using agile methods will lead to costs ballooning out of control. Well, is it my fault if their scope balloons out of control? Ha!
  • Now I've been dealing with 8 different service providers when enabling IPv6 for all systems I'm responsible of. It's just wonderful of many different problems you can have. SLAAC, DHCPv6, manual configuration, no documentation, gateway address issues, DNS failing, and so on. But yep, when you just decide that you'll get it done, you'll get it done. I guess i've made something like 40 tickets about different problems and also found out that service providers aren't 100% IPv6 ready, because they have problems on their side and helpdesk might not be aware about all required things. Yet, it's good to have practical experience from other cases. Network card driver issues, Virtualization platform issues and so on. So much fun! Why it is MY JOB to tell the hosting company what drivers they should use with their vitualization platform when they're cluess. Aww. Well, this isn't first or last time when something like this will happen. It's not my task to tell you, but how about just ...
  • Tons of server migrations, from virtualization platform to another, as well as re-arranging servers between service providers and data centers, providing awesome cost benefits.
  • Something different: Travelling wave reactor - Mutualism (economic theory) - Confidence trick and a list of tricks.
  • OpenBazaar Ratings, Reviews and Reputation - explained 106 slides, Ricardian Contracts, Identity, Rating, Privacy, Storage.
  • Fixed !robtex !bang syntax for (DDG) search engine.
  • App Engine for Go is now generally available. Need a fast and easy to scale PaaS platform? This is the one. You'll focus on your code and business processes and Google takes care of the rest, no worries. Unfortunately I haven't had time to play with Go, but I'm sure it works as well as Python with Google App Engine. I would still love to see App Engine with Python 3.x support. Actually that's one of the reasons I'm not currently developing anything for App Engine.
  • Is there a simple algorithm for intelligence? Interesting article, I guess will find out later. Just like todays computers, things are based 'really simple' princilple of gates, but layered to build something which is absolutely hugely complex. If you compare modern laptops versus old four function pocket calculator - - , both use exactly the same primitives. Don't forget things which underlined the principles used with electronic systems, like the Charles Babbage's Difference Engine.
  • Apple is catching up with IPv6 - Dual stack implementation and DNS lookups with Happy Eyeballs aka Quick Fallback.
  • Happy Eyeballs - Yes it's related to IPv6? What? Read the article.
  • Sonera is building a new large multi-tenant data center in Helsinki. Do they offer multiple carriers? Who knows, they didn't mention.
  • Reminded my self about current state of IPv4 address pool exhaustion.