WebApp2, Ubuntu UDS, Metro Development, Emerging technologies, Lean Startup & other summer reading

Post date: May 20, 2012 3:29:47 PM

Cold dark winter is finally over (for a while). Now it's time to go out and enjoy life. So it might be that I won't be writing for a while. I love my Kindle, so I can keep reading books in lovely sunshine outside while enjoying bird song. Or anywhere when ever I got some time to spare, like waiting for something.

I haven't written for a while, so there is quite an backlog of stuff to write about:

  • webapp2 WSGI for App Engine.
  • Ubuntu UDS: Ubuntu at Google. Check out other videos from Ubuntu Developers.
    • Excellent general knowledge about product development, prioritization, features, testing, planning, deploying, reliability, data security, privacy, scaling, performance, post mortem, user experience (ux), etc. Btw. That Goobuntu video was good reminder about things, but it didn't include anything that I didn't already know. It's still very important to remind your self and others about these things regularly.
  • Lessons about Microsoft Metro Development from Microsoft Developer Build. I just know that I don't really like Metro, but if that's what customers wan't, then it's something we need to deliver.
  • Tried official Off-the-Record Messaging protocol with Pidgin client and read specs.
  • Studied list of emerging technologies very thoughfully. Topics: IMOD displays, Volumetric Displays, Memristors (RRAM,MRAM,PCME,PCRAM,ReRAM,MCAM), Nanowire & Li-air batteries, Artificial Intelligence, Semantic Web, Holographic data storage, Optical Computing, Quantum Computers, Quantum Cryptography, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID,NFC), three-dimensional integrated circuit (3D IC), 3D printing, Molecular Assembler, Claytronics & Utility Fog, Aerogel, High-temperature superconductivity (HTS), Metamaterials, Programmable matter, Quantum Dots, Directed energy weapons, Ampakine, Brain computer interface, Modular Robots, Swarm Robots, nanorobotics, Driverless Car, Space Elevator, Scramjet, Vactrain, Supersonic transport, Synthetic biology, Synthetic genomics, Transatlantic tunnel, Nanomedicines, Genetic engineering.
    • It was nice to remind my self about that stuff. Kind of surprisingly I have to confess, that I was familiar with that stuff on basic principles level with all of those topics. Well, it was nice to spent a whole day reading all that stuff. I also checked linked articles and in case I found out something searched for additional reading. Only Interferometric modulator display and Quantum Dot display was something that I hadn't heard about at all. Interestingly enough there was just long article about future display technologies in Finnish computer magazine and they didn't mention it either.
    • One thing is sure. There are many wonderful things to come. World will not be the same after these technologies mature.
  • Studied whole upcloud.com site in detail. I'm very happy that they mention NUMA there. Because in some cases it's enough that one core runs memory intensive app, and all other cores start to idle because memory bus is totally jammed. They're also using very nice backend storage solution.
  • I'm currently reading Lean Startup by Eric Ries. Next in queue: Learn Python the Hard way, DjAngo projects, MongoDB, JavaScript, Head First HTML5, Mastering Node.js, TLS/SSL best practices, Head First Design patterns. I'll have wonderful light summer reading, and most importantly I'm not wasting my time.