33C3 notes & keywords part 9

Post date: Jul 3, 2017 8:38:14 AM

  • Eavesdropping on the Dark Cosmos - Interesting audio effects - Space the final frontier and gravity. No other comments for this talk. kw: LIGO, LISA.
  • The Zcash anonymous cryptocurrency - Allows hiding sender, recipient and amount of money being transferred. Nice addition to Bitcoin. It's based on Bitcoin code base, but with these new Zcash extensions. Blockchain only contains nullifier and commitment. JoinSplit technology. kw: SHA-256, zerocash, ZEC.
  • Ethics in the data society. Machine Intelligence, Human Ethics, Driverless Cars, Moral Decision-Making.
  • The Economic Consequences of Internet Censorship - This is at least very interesting topic. But I guess it's hard to get numbers for that. Does banning gambling count as censorship, I guess it does. But banning Wikipedia might be different story, because it contains so much valuable information. Loss of that information availability can be hard to conclude. As expected the talk didn't have any hard facts and numbers after all.
  • Beyond Virtual and Augmented Reality - Cybathlon. Using electrodes and peripheral vision to pass information.
  • Retail Surveillance / Retail Countersurveillance - This should be interesting one. As we all know, customers are being surveilled in stores all the time. Face recognition machine. Old topic, anti face recognition and surveillance face camouflage makeup. Something really interesting, Faception is a facial personality profiling technology company. This is almost like eugenics. HyperFace and CV Dazzle.
  • Understanding the Snooper’s Charter - Theresa May's effort to ablosih privacy. Snooper's Charter. As said, we're living interesting times. This battle for privacy and snooping will be going on for a long time. The Investigatory Powers Act explained. Bulk warrants and interception of communications. Encryption circumvention. Access to Data Sets (private & public), combining all data freely. Internet Connection Records, Saving metadata for one year, when, where, device, domain. Supervision, Investigatory Powers Commission. Accessing data without a warrant is a criminal offense. "Investigatory power may be used to interfere with privacy." - So they clearly tell, that privacy doesn't matter in these cases. Causes unnoticeable surveillance state. We cannot trust the agencies. Part of larger trend. "the most intrusive surveillance measures", "Attacks the principles of openness, transparency and oversight." IPA 2016. How to fight back.
  • 33C3 Infrastructure Review - Their web shop got over 3000 req/s. That's quite nice rate. Network talk was fun. VOC teams major blunder was fun. They should have been able to take care of basic VOC stuff. Own mobile network, neat. Streaming video, flash eliminated, awesome.
  • Security Nightmares 0x11 - Standard password and even stronger standard password. Awesome! I might have written a few times about this topic. Nice list of cyber heists. Automatic updates. Using multiple ad blockers. Data aggregation. RF spectrum time heat maps.
  • Surveilling the surveillers - Lots of techniques how people are monitored. The Beacon Frame using mobile phones, etc. RF frequency jamming (RF/ Radio). 3D printed weapons. Drone programs. Data on discarded hard drives. OTH radars. Military Radio Communication. Not as interesting talk as I would have expected. But interesting hacking in very classic sense.
  • Lightning talks day 4 - Quite light talks so far. Just a lot of small open source / ideological projects. Only really nice talk was about Rust. It's fast, safe and concurrent. Another about Cyber security and surveillance. black boxes snooping and forking traffic. Gag orders to limit knowledge about snooping. IT security vs scientific thought. Not enough data, transparency and metrics. What you can't measure, you can't improve. Encryption on file level isn't secure. eCryptFS, file encryption using kernel keyring vs full disk encryption LUKS.

That's finally all of it. - Thank you! Excellent 33c3 talks. It's so enjoyable to listen those in background. Just focus when there's something really interesting going on.