3 Words, SSL Stripping, Optane, IDocs, COM Object, Win-Simple

  • What Three Words Global Addressing System. This is just one example, how much or little (depending from view point) the address user-friendliness matters, or not. In some cases it's extremely important, and in some cases it doesn't matter at all. We've had this similar discussion over and over again, just like everyone else, I guess. Only observation which surprised me was that the dictionary being used, is language specific. This is beneficial, because not all words are easily translatable to all languages. But the bad aspect is that well, the addresses aren't translatable without online mapping. Of course if you've got access to the dictionary, it's trivial. But it requires the very specific W3W dictionary. I was kind of looking for Japanese / Chinese dictionaries, because those would have had very pretty three symbol addresses, probably, if there are just enough symbols which can be mapped. Yep, I didn't check it. Maybe not, because the dictionary they mentioned they're using, is really big. At least simplified symbols won't be enough for three symbol addressing. Another point which came into my mind, if addressing is language specific, it could have been also optimized for specific language / region. Like longer addresses for areas which aren't probably being used with that language etc. How often Russian Addressing is used in South America? Or Swahili addressing in Russia? This was my initial though, either same addressing for everybody (with language transparency) or language optimized addressing for specific areas. - Because dictionary is required anyway, it would allow optimizing it. Yet, there's one important factor. now because addresses seem to be totally random, good thing is that if you've got very similar, but wrong address. It's likely to be so much off, that it's obvious that it's not right address. Which is important benefit of this seemingly random addressing. When navigator says you'll need to walk or drive only on average roughly 12500 miles or 20000 kilometers, it might make you think if this is right address.
  • Performing & Preventing SSL Stripping: A Plain-English Primer - Nothing new on this article, lot's and lot's of obvious and very old stuff.
  • Intel Optane Technology - Hmm, seems to be something built on top of the 3D Xpoint memory. Ok, cool. I just believe it doesn't provide adequate bang for buck, just now. But who knows, it could be something awesome when some time has passed. Also see: Automatic Tiered Storage.
  • Got again my daily hit of SAP IDocs . Well, I'm so used to it, I've got a great tolerance or something. I'm not getting as adverse reaction than I used to.
  • Had so much integration systems using the (good old?) legacy Microsoft COM. Yeah, can be done. Demonstration was really easy and quick to build. But then there are some extremely hard to debug issues caused by unknown factors and no documentation. Pure pure joy. Well, it seems to be just as every other tech stuff. Seemingly simple, but actually extremely deep trap where you get lost and can spent weeks trouble shooting and trying more or less random things, until you figure out what's the actually working configuration which nobody has bothered to document. In this case the problem is probably linked to some paths. But it isn't stated, where and what should be, nor the automatic installation scripts get it right.
  • Somehow this reminds me from the Win-Simple LetsEncrypt application, which required trial error and pain and terror, before it started to working and everything was correctly configured and all details right.
  • Letsencrypt-win-simple is btw, currently working beautifully renewing certs every two months. I've been checking the cert expiry dates as well as eventlog on server to confirm that it's working as expected.