2016 topic dump continued (2/3)

Post date: Dec 30, 2016 2:47:04 PM

  • A good rule of thumb for a CONSUMER is three copies of your data: 1) primary, 2) on-site backup, and 3) off-site backup. If you are a business that will lose millions of dollars if a programmer makes a mistake or an IT guy is disgruntled, add 4) another off-site backup with a totally different vendor that doesn't share a single line of code with 1-3 and has separate passwords. As well as maintain proper versioning and history for long enough time
  • As confirmed in my blog earlier, C-Lion cable saves around 7 milliseconds to Central Europe from Finland. Now latency from data center to data center is around 20 ms. (C-Lion1, Sea Lion, Cinia)
  • NxtVn announced building huge data center park in Finland. But no news since this initial announcement? Yet NxtVn web page gives impression that the data center park would be up'n'running. Interesting. It's bit funny that if they operate 'world class data center', their web site is still server by GoDaddy.
  • Read: Learning from the enemy: The GUNMAN Project. (NSA publication - Center for Cryptologic History National Security Agency)
  • Bing being replaced with other search engine alternatives in Windows 10? This is interesting development. I'm curious what consideration and decisions have lead to that? Maybe other search engines are paying so well, it doesn't just make sense to push bing? Or maybe Bing is just so bad it doesn't make sense to offer customers sub par experience? Or maybe the other search engines receive much more ad money and therefore it's just more profitable to bring money in via that than using own solution?
  • Read: More Concurrency: Improved Locking In PostgreSQL.
  • Read & Thought: Disinformation & Counter information & Propaganda, using false information as weapon. Black Propaganda.
  • XM25 Counter Defilade Target Engagement System, Thermobaric Weapon - FN P90 - TERCOM DSMAC - Barracuda Submarine - Shaped Charge - Boeing_P-8_Poseidon - Advanced Airbone Sensor
  • I'm really sick'n'tired of MS software quality. It seems that their firewall isn't reliable, technically it's working, yet it can open key ports without any warning. So you really can't trust it as well as it requires constant monitoring. Well, monitoring is always good anyway. - Another thing which really annoys me is the RDP remote desktop protocol reliability issues. It just is utter crap and causes constant burden, suffering and pain. Can I sue Microsoft for causing extended discomfort and mental strain?
  • Python vs R: head to head data analysis - Neat, confirmed that I've got no need for R either.
  • Efficient Use of Asynchronous Operations in Google App Engine - More async & concurrency.
  • Checked out Onename, which is yet another naming scheme using bitcoin blockchain to store claim data. Similar to Namecoin, but uses Bitcoin chain instead.
  • Safe-mail.net lost some data. Again. This seems to happen to them, over and over again. All confidence on it and their cloud services should be totally lost. Anyone doing business with them in future should feel foolish. Yet that's very unfortunate for businesses running on-line services. If your service goes down, you could lose all of your user base really easily to competitors. Yet in this particular case, it's the only sane way to do.
  • I'm just wondering if Facebook, Google or some other major site is able to **** up things so badly that they end up in the same situation. Use our cloud service, your data is safe forever. Oops, we just lost it and you can't access it anymore. I believe most of people don't keep adequate local / alternate service / backups.
  • Hands up - How many of you got full backup of your Google / Gmail / Facebook data? Do you update it frequently enough? - I actually DO. But I don't know many whom got it all saved up.
  • Digitalization would allow storing everything in Phone. Keys, Wallet, Travel documents, Identification, etc.
  • Finland wants to be in lead of drone development and utilization in commercial applications.
  • Read: An Empirical Analysis of Email Delivery Security and PostgreSQL Parallel Sequential Scan is Committed!