2016 topic dump continued (1/3)

Post date: Dec 30, 2016 2:33:58 PM

This is end of 2016 dump post. Some of the links and stuff is quite old. It seems that I had backlog going back for 18+ months. Now I'm dumping almost everything from the backlog, out of order with optional short comments.

  • Discussions about CDN optimizations, server locations. With one global provider. Why Finland would be a good location for POP. How's Finnish ICT skilled staff would help company. How great Finnish Startup scene is, etc
  • Cloudflare Keep-Alive - Nice post about HTTP keep-alive benefits.
  • OneWeb satellite constellation - Let's see if this project ever realise.
  • SourceForge & Malware, classic theme. Anyway, users should know what they're downloading. Any unexpected payload is very bad. Some sources say NotePad++ download would be hosted by GitHub, but now it seems to be hosted by OVH.
  • When Solid State Drives are not that solid - No news. Everything fails.
  • One colleague had IPv6 problems. It was the classic IPv6 ICMPv6 Type 130 issue. I'm sure many users are going to encounter it when configuring firewalls. See MLD. Also related Neighbor Discovery (ND), Neighbour Announcement (NA), Neighbor Discovery Protocol (NDP)
  • Lot's of Lets Encrypt stuff.
  • Some privacy issues with Google Chrome Audio Search. Privacy Defense in Depth.
  • Vega Rocket
  • IPv6 Explicit Cognestion Notification (ECN).
  • Cloudflare how to achieve low latency - A very nice post. Yet requires more tuning than what most people are willing to do. Great for nerds though.
  • Computers leak encryption keys on RF spectrum (RadioExp). Well well, TEMPEST is old concept.
  • Azure Chaos Engineering - Yep. Everything should work, even if random things happen. Then you can call it actually robust.
  • Channel Tunnel - Wasn't great investment. Who would make tunnel between Helsinki and Tallinn would make any sense?
  • WiFi DSSS - FHSS - OFDM - Chirp Modulation
  • Blog posts can be always signed with anonymous public key. In that case it's trivial to prove that you're the author if that's required. You can also have strong pseudonymous identity.
  • Akamai HTTP/2 demo
  • HTTPS, SPDY and HTTP/2 performance comparison
  • Once again advanced remote video surveillance turned out to be beneficial. It's always good to be trained and prepared on both physical and on cyber security. These solutions can help you to maintain privacy and security of premises and also to give an advance warning if something is happening / going to happen.
  • Discussions about web shop and integrated multichannel customer experience. As well as how to automate customer product recommendations based on purchase and browsing history. Size and favorite brand and style information. As well as possibility to track customers inside store and automatically identifying them using several different technologies.
  • Finvoice, ARTS, XBRL, e-Receipts.
  • Telegram end-to-end (e2e) encryption explained. - Yet, Infinite garble extension (IGE) is still something which of many really do not like.
  • A lot more discussions about e-Estonia and keeping UK businesses in EU market area. As well as running light virtual company in Estonia cheaply, etc.
  • Cloud, containers, big data, data analytics & insights, machine learning, IoT, beacons, mobile payments, everything is a API, going green.