2015 summer keyword dump

Post date: May 22, 2015 3:54:16 PM

Just a little keyword dump from the ARTS standard

Consumer promotion delivery, marketing and merchandising, proof of purchase, returns, rebates, and manufacturer registration, payment dispute resolution, issuer, issuers, merchants, financial institutions, manufacturers, provide the digital purchase receipts, customers, mobile operators, offline and online trading, purchaser, authorizes, issuing, receiving, retail, consumer, business, organizations, vendors, agents, expenses, expense, taxes, reimbursement, credit card, debit card, dispute resolution, rebates, warranties, interfaces, model, architectural model, business process model, business scope, out of scope, changes, payments, pays, RFID, coupon, survey, exchange, exchanged, disputes, amount, bank, accounting, expenses, invoice, travel, manufacturer, redeem, retailer, extended, targeted, targeting, ticket, ticketing, tickets, proximity, financial applications, redemption, shopping list, settlement, green, audit, candidate, inventory, attendance, promotions, promotion, loyalty, security, data warehousing, forecasting, XML, GITN, expense management, data mining, end user, notification, notifications, mobile, application, BPMN, CRM, POSlog, UUID, format, store, identify, tender, restock, SGML, OFX, data validation, XSLT, SOA, best practices, data dictionary, common data, data mapping, transactions, header, representation, brief description, scenario, instance, transaction, transactions, UPC, EAN, quantity, barcode, QR code, process flow, flowchart, data flow, diagram, business process mapping, use case, use cases.

Some startup related background information and stuff I've done

  • Did some product planning back in days. This stuff is already outdated so I can rewrite a bit about it. But actually I'm just listing just keywords. Because I can't go into any details anyway.
  • Business Plan, Initial Market Study, Concept, Vision, Mission, Market Research, Operating Strategy, Target Market, Competitors, Promotion, Financial Viability, Budget, Team, Background, Technology considerations: Native, HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Node.js and other alternatives, Proof Of Concept (POC). Where development should be done, what kind of team and developers could be used. Where funding would come and so on. Had a few meetings with potential developers and so on.
  • Hosting costs calculation matrix including several options, AWS, Azure, GCE, Hetzner, UpCloud, OVH, Nebula, CapNova, Sigmatic, etc. Competitor analysis including review of 10+ competitors.
  • Customer Segments, Value Propositions, Channels, Customer Relationships, Revenue streams, Key Resources, Key Activities, Key Partnerships, Cost Structure.

If you want to know more, just mail me. - Thanks