Some sites that I would like to to share with you:

In English:
Hacker News - Business, startup, developer and technolgy news.
The Economist - Economy in depth, with proper analysis.
New Scientist - Excellent science magazine.
TED - Ideas worth spreading.
Security Now - Talk show, computer & network security news and discussion.
Electronic Frontier Finland - personal privacy, freedom of speech and user rights in copyright law.

In Finnish:
Sytyke Ry - Much information about project co-ordination, system design, etc.

Other handy tools:

7-Zip - Free ultimate compression.
Robtex - Great way to lookup networking info.
Ubuntu - Very nice free operating system.
LibreOffice - Ultimate free office software package.
Google - Gmail, Maps, Docs, Sites, Analytics, Adwords, Plus, etc.
Ampparit - Finnish news aggregator.
KeePass - Ultimate secure password application.
TrashMail - Disposable email addresses with optional challenge response.
Python - Excellent too for data manipulation, scripting, gluing components together.
SQLite3 - Locally store data in fast and efficient SQL database.

More personally related sites:

Oy Winpos Ab - My current employer Winpos kassajärjestelmät. (in Finnish, in English)
Pertti Lehtinen - My dad's personal site.
Sami Lehtinen - My own home site.
LclBd - My experimental mobile optimized, location weighted, discussion forum / social network project. Just for fun.

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