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Sigfox, IoT, uWSGI,, Startup CEO notes, OpenBazaar DHT, Web Reputation, Freenet

posted Jun 29, 2016, 9:38 PM by Sami Lehtinen   [ updated Jun 29, 2016, 9:39 PM ]
  • Studied more SIGFOX, pricing, technology, etc. It seems really nice for certain purposes which require very little data, but 'constant connectivity'. As well as messaging is usually triggered from the device. This is something hat IoT needs and will have really many uses in future. The service is now being offered also in and that's nice. I'll need to buy a test device at some point. Yet the tech seems really straight forward and in integration terms is nothing new. It's just like services over SMS. Gotta see if I can figure a business case for this, so I can get the business version.
  • Still enjoyed enraging moments with uWSGI and cookies are just so broken. Darn. Sigh. Even more annoying is that it's semi abandoned project, so I would prefer it just to work, and not deeply trouble shoot stuff which doesn't really matter. Just so so so deeply annoying. Can't stop loving tech. Updating bottle to newer version will fix the cookie issue, but will break tons of other things. Which is also very undesirable for project which isn't actively maintained. Everything should be modified and verified and ... Sure, it's doable. But is it worth of it? Just like some say that old apps can't work with IPv6. They're just really sucky engineers and programmers if they claim that. Sure it's doable. It just might require modifying everything starting from the operating system and it's networking stack. ;)
  • Anyway, writing a fully threaded message board for Mobile Users with Geo Localization, Machine Learning, Private Messaging, extensive Tagging System and other neat stuff was interesting journey. Learning new things isn't so much wasted resources after all. Now I'll continue implementing more advanced algorithms for one another project, which hasn't been announced publicly yet. Mobile GPS location, GeoLocation based on IP etc. Calulating distances between locations and optimizing database queries and so on. Experimenting with Unicode glyphs and URLs etc.
  • Read: Edward Snowden at IETF 93
  • Some stuff from my Kindle notes:
    • Shortened and underlined quotes for: Top 5 priorities for a startup CEO
    • focus on growth levers (sales/customers/users).
    • focus on product/UX.
    • product roadmap is aligned to market needs.
    • Motivate, support, and grow your team.
    • Strong communication is the basis of any good relationship.
    • Give employees a platform to communicate publicly and privately.
    • The role of a CEO is to be able to steer and balance a company with limited resources on a path toward profitability, financing, and/or an exit.
    • What most people don’t realize is that the early success of startups is almost always about tactics rather than strategy.
    • Talk to customers. But even more importantly listen to what they want.
    • Stay calm and remain positive at all times, even when you’re not calm deep down.
  • OpenBazaar DHT documentation:
    • As per usual, nodes hosting the key/value pair periodically check in with each other to update the value -- so they all have the most recent version.
    • Node B updates against node A in the same manner. In fact, all nodes in the neighborhood of KEY update against each other in this way.
  • Web Reputation documentation:
    • “Item as described,” “Communications,” “Shipping time,” and “Shipping and handling charges.”
    • Reputation systems create real-world value.
    • Don’t cross the streams. Good digital reputations should always be context limited — the nature of the inputs should constrain the use of the reputation scores that are output.
    • Leaderboards. Whuffie Bank.
  • Read article:  OpenBazaar Needs Freenet - Highlights: ademanAnonymity, Bitcoin, Darknet, Freenet, Liberty, markets, OpenBazaar, Privacy7
    • Quote: "While I was overall encouraged, I was a bit disappointed to see IPFS favored over a project I’ve recently become passionate about: Freenet." - I don't have anything against IPFS except it's new tech and not proven as well there are many unanswered questions, but usually answers to those will turn up with time. Either it's bad or good, but who knows at this point. Future will show.