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Fallacy, Bitcoin, DDoS, Tools, CDN, OVH, OB, DB, RND, etc

posted Aug 31, 2015, 10:52 AM by Sami Lehtinen   [ updated Aug 31, 2015, 10:52 AM ]

Once again, weekly random stuff...

  • Informal fallacy - Yep, that happens. Even better, it's good to read this list every year or so. List of fallacies.
  • Great post why Bitcoin is forking, and good discussion about digital currencies and scalability as well as dispute resolution process.
  • Internet is Hostile / No Internet Security - Good writing about Internet & Networking security. Yet, it didn't contain anything new at all.
  • Intermediate Python - Excellent Python e-book.
  • Read Portmapper a new DDoS reflection Attack by Level3 - A new vector for reflection and amplification DDoS attacks across the Internet.
  • Also checked out and their Russian and Chinese acceleration plans. It seems that China and Russia are completely separate entities from the rest of global CDN market, which are dominated by well known major players.
  • CloudHarmony - Is a great way to compare cloud services.
  • Just listing some other tools I'm often using:
    • Super-Ping is excellent global PING tool.
    • What's My DNS is excellent DNS propagation / state checking tool.
    • TestURI is excellent tool which allows you to test any URL (HTTP/HTTPS) and see related headers.
    • Of course everyone knows dig curl mtr etc, but always you can't do it locally nor you have suitable servers to do it from.
  • OpenBazaar is now using three separate git repositories for installer, client and server. I can't wait that I can check it out.
  • CacheFly fail. Their portal. I tried their new free tier plan just to check out what kind of control panel and settings they got. Yet they managed to fail this simple test. - Doesn't simply work at all. Just shows blank page. Way to go. This is just like web shops. First they complain that business is bad. Yet they deliver such a devastatingly bad UX and service that I wonder how and why anybody wants to ever make any business with them. This is just generic statement based on so many absolutely broken stuff I've been seeing all the time. - Yep, confirmed, won't work with Firefox on Linux nor Chrome on Windows 10. So much lulz. - Their portal was probably broken, it seems to working now.
  • Really wondered how long one domain transfer can take. In total it took 6 weeks to transfer .dk domain from one place to another. That's incredibly slow.
  • I assume that is load balanced cluster of servers behind one IP address. Why? It seems that about 10% of requests I make to that address rediret to instead of the right destination. Maybe there are just some servers of the cluster which do not refresh information from redirect data as often as it should happen. Strange. I'll check this bit later again and if it's still malfunctioning I'll make a ticket about it. - Yep, it got fixed over time.
    $ curl -I
    HTTP/1.1 302 Moved Temporarily
    Set-Cookie: rd=R3047010670; path=/; expires=Fri, 21-Aug-2015 06:07:01 GMT
    Server: nginx
    Date: Tue, 18 Aug 2015 17:52:06 GMT
    Content-Type: text/html
    Content-Length: 154
    Connection: close
    $ curl -I
    HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently
    Set-Cookie: rd=R3047011759; path=/; expires=Fri, 21-Aug-2015 05:58:27 GMT
    Server: nginx
    Date: Tue, 18 Aug 2015 17:52:06 GMT
    Content-Type: text/html
    Content-Length: 178
    Connection: close
    Location: http://other-domain
  • Enjoyed company of advanced web developers, who do not understand concepts of keep-alive, session, streams, TCP connection, etc. Web API rate limits (what?) Aww... Hmm... So nice... Well, this isn't first and surely not last time this happens.
  • Dolphin Browser for Android is just so full of bugs. At one point it crashed constantly, now it doesn't crash. But some times it's totally unresponsive, you can't open new tabs. And at times, it does open links in new tabs, but doesn't load those. When you open the tab, it's empty also the address bar is empty. But when you click edit on address bar, it shows the page address it was supposed to load. Then you'll just click go and it loads the page. Who writes this kind of bleep applications. Fail, fail and fail. Well, this is better than crashing, but it's still quite lame.
  • Postgres (PostgreSQL) Guide - A really nice compact PostgreSQL tutorial.
  • Once again had long discussions about automated store with friends. I personally think it would be really great for busy people. You'll get all you need in a minute and that's it. You can pre-order stuff, you'll get resupply auand so on. Absolute perfection for busy people. I've got many friends whom deeply hate shopping. Standing in never ending queues, wondering around huge halls full of everything you don't need and so on. That automated store can be naturally combined with delivery, if required. But it works just as well as pickup, in city centers near subway stations and so on and outside cities with car loading docks. Combine this with IoT and you'll get automatic replenishment of the stuff you wan't to always have on hand. I've been wondering for a long time, why nobody offer this kind of service. Because I do know that in some areas this kind of service is being supplied, but not directly to consumers. They're selling the service to delivery companies and for industrial use. Some companies have been using such technology for over 10 years now. As well as these stores would require possibly only one employee. Taking care of replenishing the delivery system as well as helping with malfunctions if there are such. If the concept is hit, the replenishments could also be modular and also automated and centralized. So you just would 'load in' the system from automated loading cartridge. I guess we'll be seeing stores like this at some point, because at least for me, this seems all too obvious. This is how I would like to shop. Always get what I want and get it in seconds. Naturally this should be combined with different kind of recipe services and other stuff, which have become popular in some cases. Want to get Stroganoff today? Ok, you'll got all you need, we checked your home supplies and added what's required to your next pickup / delivery. Just like luggage handling or automated stocks work at many places.
  • Excellent post, How Does Relational Databases Work - Recommended reading for every nerd, even if you're already familiar with the stuff. If you liked that one, you'll probably like this one too. 119 pages of light reading about databases. Architecture of a Database System.
  • Finnish-Swedish Ice Class (Shipping / Ships)
  • WiGig 802.11ad
  • Have you turned it off and on again? Excellent list of the power of power cycling fixes.
  • I've been wondering how many companies there are actually producing 'global forecast data' and gathering data required to produce it. How tightly those companies are linked? Do they trade regional data, and so on. It would be interesting to read industry insider article about the practices being used. I can naturally guess some aspects, but my guesses are probably pretty off.
  • CloudFlare is also adding new features on incredible pace. Latest addition purge cache by cache tag feature. HTTP headers Cache-Tag.
  • How to Fix Windows 10 data leaks. - Windows configuration guide & tutorial.