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posted Aug 28, 2015, 7:40 AM by Sami Lehtinen   [ updated Aug 28, 2015, 7:40 AM ]
  • CloudFlare keeps pushing perfection. New features like Cache-Tag and new PoPs all the time. I can see why this feature would be very valuable for several sites. It allows high cache hit rates and long data caching without repeated freshness checks. Yet data can be expired on demand quickly when required. Perfection!
  • Checkedout hMailServer - It's probably the next mail server I'm going to use. I'm not exactly happy with the 'current solution' and this option is easily the best I could manage to find.
  • Made my computers yearly vacuuming. Smile. Who's doing it there? It's so classic that computer gets broken because it's just too full of dust and heat sinks are more like wool jackets.
  • Read: IPv6 Industry Survey Report - IPv6 is picking up pace, but it's about time to do so. So no news there. I wonder how long it really takes before people start saying, aww IPv4? Who does that anyway? That time will come, it's sure. I'm bit sad that I can't find NT drivers for my latest display adapter. Smile. But it will take a while. Yet I personally do have working NT workstation, just as museum peace so nobody can claim that time of Windows NT would have passed. Smile. There are still users using NT. Lol.
  • Excellent post, How Does Relational Databases Work. Recommended reading for every nerd, even if you're already familiar with the stuff. If you liked that one, you'll probably like this one too. 119 pages of light reading about databases. Architecture of a Database System see architecture.pdf @
  • Windows already contains proxy, you don't need to look for one: netsh interface portproxy - Just as a pro-tip I've used it many times. It can also relay using same protocol, to work around firewalls etc.
  • Google Container Engine - I guess this is future. Many products aren't yet designed to utilize microservices, but I can see just so much benefit from this. It's just like well, Unix pipes. Combine things, process data, use clear 'modules' to get stuff done. Yet without proper monitoring system, it can be hard to debug what's failing when performance starts to suddenly and unexpectedly tank.
  • Chebyshev Approximation - Very nice post indeed. Well, in the good old days it was obvious. If you wrote bad code, it was too slow. But nowadays it isn't clear to many developers at all. Here's a good guide how to make stuff faster. I personally made a clock, which tried to use sin and cos to draw second hand on screen every second, and of course it didn't work out, because I used so expensive math functions to calculate coordinates. I just had to use lookup tables.
  • How to fix Windows 10 security and privacy issues. (At least on some level)
  • What has become known as the Dunning-Kruger effect is an example of what psychologists call metacognition – thinking about thinking. - I hope I'm not in that group. Because I all the time feel that I don't know nothing at all as well as I'm totally incompetent. ICT is so complex field that nobody's competent or good. They're just bad or really bad. It's like helpdesk, you should know everything about everything and never fail always deliver, like you're expert in everything.
  • Read about WU-14 Chinese HGV, YJ-18 and CJ-10.
  • Finnish e-receipt standardization is progressing slowly. As well as it's unfortunately(?) going to be national standard. Mostly based on Finvoice e-invoice standard. Also in this early stage it does look like the 'my data' and 'consumer' aspects of e-receipts have been largely forgotten. Current version will mostly server only large corporations which employees are paying using corporate credit card. Well, not exactly what I personally hoped for. But use cases can be extended to outside original range when that's done and the standardization is ready as well as format is proven. My data thinking would allow many additional services which would utilize and refine that information for consumers.
  • Reminded my self about Kalman Filter. Yet I don't see any use for those right now. But it's good to know what's available when you might need something. Here's an excellent example with images.
  • Read about MSI and NVMe.
  • Google Datacenter networking - Google's Software Defined Networking Fabric. It's awesome. Allows 'data center wide cluster computing' by providing enough bandwidth between all computers. No need for localized groups.
  • Found out that Python's time.time() isn't accurate enough for me at all (on Windows). Replaced it by time.clock() in some cases where it's used for timing. Btw. time.time() is much more accuarte on Linux than it's on Windows.
  • Read again about Fusion Power.
  • Even on latest version of ThunderBird, the message handling thread hangs when moving / deleting large number of messages with IMAP, requires app restart. Really annoying bug. I guess nobody cares enough to fix it.
  • Reminded my self about usage of Bacon cipher. Afaik it's more like encoding and steganography than cipher technically.