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posted Dec 22, 2013, 1:31 AM by Sami Lehtinen   [ updated Mar 25, 2015, 10:47 AM ]
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Shortly said, I don't have time to maintain the service and deal with abuse, even if it has been very low after creating automated abuse controls. Anyway because I haven't ever received any complaints about .onion urls, that's the reason I did leave the service to work with Tor networks .onion urls only. Because platform is technically working, there's currently no reason to disable it completely. Although the technology it's running on, is now deprecated. So I assume it'll die at some point. In that case, domain will be reconnected to the service it was connected earlier.

Here's some pages archived from the service:

About & Credits & Feedback page


Do you hate long short urls like
or which are short in theory,
but totally impossible to remember! solves your problem. We provide really tiny urls.
We can keep urls short because our urls expire
30 days after last visit or 365 days after creation.


Domain by SpamGourmet
Minimalistic URL shortener by Sami Lehtinen.
Powered by Google App Engine.

Change log

Free service, no guarantees or warranties whatsoever.

2013.02.16 (YYYY.MM.DD)

Change log page

2013.12.22 Version 4.10 released, service disabled
Service is disabled for non onion urls. .onion urls do still work.
Because I simply don't have time to maintain this
project. Deal with potential abuse etc. Otherwise I have been very
happy with Google App Engine and it's reliability and performance.
It was good as long as it lasted. - Thank you.
2013.02.16 Version 4.9 released
Minor internal restructuring & HTML structure improvements.
2012.12.01 Version 4.8 released
Added support for .onion domains.
2012.10.13 Version 4.7 released
Updated DNS proxies (IPv6 support dropped temporarily).
Now two primary DNS servers are hosted on own servers.
Only two backups are on located on web hosting services.
Primary servers are in EU & US and backup servers in US.
Failed server information is cached for one hour for
improved performance.
2011.12.18 Version 4.6 released
Google Safe Browsing API implemented.
Internal Memcaching improved.
2011.12.03 Version 4.5 released
Unicode URLs are now working perfectly.
Further improved caching. Now all redirects are public
and cacheable for 1 day.
2011.11.05 Version 4.4 released
Lot of tuning with Unicode urls, solution still isn't
perfect but it's working most of time.
Added second primary web-DNS service server. It's hosted on
another of my virtual servers, using uWSGI and Nginx.
2011.10.30 Version 4.3 released
Added two more backup DNS servers unless primary server
is unreachable or times out. Now service also supports
sites (domains) which have only AAAA DNS records. (IPv6)
2011.10.06 Version 4.2 released
SURBL checking using secondary Linux server added.
2011.10.01 Version 4.1 released
SURBL based spam checking activated. Now every link submitted
to service will be checked against SURBL reputation data.
2011.09.07 Version 4.0 released
JavaScript based spam checking activated. It also releases
server resources, because if JS is not evaluated from create
page database won't be accessed at all.
Frontpage is now fully cacheable, earlier GAE sent permanent
redirect but with no-cache tag. It's quite pointless afaik.
Now it's fixed. Frontpage is browser cacheable and there is
no additional redirect anymore.
2011.09.05 Version 3.1 released
Spam controls are tightened further. Now all URLs (domains)
in database are daily rechecked.
2011.09.03 Version 3.0 released
Database logic changed, now shorter urls are always preferred
instead of oldest urls. Lot of internal database access related
2011.07.07 Version 2.1 released
Database uses is now using faster eventual consistent reads.
Memcache is used for caching data in memory.
2011.06.18 Version 2.0 released
Implemented three independent spam protection mechanisms.
One of those is WOT.
WOT should prevent creation of links to spam adverticed sites.
Unicode URL handling fixed. URLs like http://ä.Ö/€ do work now.
Exception handling and database transactionality and concurrency
improved further.
Added Changelog.
2011.04.11 Version 1.0 released
Database transactionality improvements.
Added Memcaching.
2011.03.24 Version 0.9 released
Let's see if this works out.