Cloudflare China, Online Web Reputation, PyNaCl, Hashmal, Unicode, IPFS, NSA Post-Quantum, AWS

Post date: Sep 19, 2015 6:37:12 AM

  • Cloudflare launches China CDN - Nice! That was one of the gaping holes on the map. There's still India and Russia left to conquer. I mentioned earlier Lagos, Mumbai, Chennai, Moscow. Mexico City is also pretty user spot alone. Yet using China Network requires ICP license from Chinese government. There's also service called Baidu Yunjiasu which is targeted for Chinese businesses and users and provides same familiar Cloudflare service set. CDN, DNS, DDoS, WAF. Here's extensive blog post about the Mainland China extension.
  • Checked out tons of discussion how to handle reputation reliably on distributed network so it can't be forged. What if someone tries to hide evidence? What if ratings are deleted by the Vendor, should Moderator be responsible for holding reviews rejected by the Vendor, etc. There are just so many things to consider. Does verifying this data require full Bitcoin blockchain as well as OpenBazaar trade history or not? And how to achieve that with reasonable resource consumption, assuming that the service could become popular. Tasks which require lot of resources or are computationally intensive should be naturally avoided. Should there be individual 'reputation' services? What if there are several reputation services and values from those won't match? What's the ultimate truth? Embedding data in Bitcoin blockchain. Usage of 2 of 3 P2SH Escrows, UTXO, gaming the reputation and identity systems and so on. Also found out about some pretty neat hacks, but well, those are being kept under wraps so far. Cases where vendor, moderator and buyer aren't on-line at the same time and system needs to work fully asynchronously storing state somewhere and so on. Proofs and digital signatures oh joy, so much tech stuff.
  • Enjoyed even more PyNaCl and libsodium stuff, but got it finally working. The key? Reboot. It was horrible. I got even obelisk installed successfully. Now my OpenBazaar-Server is fully working with the test network.
  • Really quickly studied Hashmal. It's an interesting tool. Yet I think normal end-users shouldn't need to dive so deep in tech stuff.
  • Daily character encoding joy. There are still systems which absolutely blow up when encountering something exotic like €. Smile. Yep, took me about 15 minutes to figure that out and fix it. Uh. Did I say Unicode would fix the issues? Read this post Dark Corners of Unicode. Wonderful, aww.
  • Neocities is pushing IPFS yet I think the whole project is based on bogus claims: Permanent web, that's a lie. It isn't. Yes there other potential benefits, which are very similar to GNUnet and Freenet, but as being said if the project title and marketing is based on a blatant untruth, that's not a good way to start a project. I personally don't like such approach at all.
  • Got one mind blowing integration project, it mixes several different technologies like no other so far. Yeah, it's doable, it's not impossible. But I'm pretty sure there will be some issues before everything is working perfectly. I've written several times that I really like clear, simple and robust solutions. This is not going to be one of those.
  • Read article - Web Reputation Systems and the Real World and presentation 5 Reputation Missteps. It's not news that reputation systems can be gamed, also no existing reputation system can prevent long cons. KW: People Reputation Karma Trust Reference Knowledge Context Quality Webutation
  • Read: "NSA Plans for a Post-Quantum World"
  • Amazon lowers storage prices: Adding a 'infrequent access storage'.